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The Portal

A few years ago, this client had experienced a strange incident that she wanted to get to the bottom of in her quantum hypnosis session:

Driving home one evening, she had suddenly sensed a strong urge to stop the vehicle and walk up to a giant rock located in a nearby forest. But it was getting dark, and her toddler was in the back of the car, and so she decided against it and continued home instead, always feeling like she had missed out on something big, not knowing what exactly.

Once she was in deep hypnosis, we learned that on the said evening, at the rock, a portal had been opened up by the more evolved human civilization living underneath the surface of our planet, inviting the young woman and a few others to join, study, and live with them. It had been a decisive moment of her (and her family's) life path, as she would have had to leave everyone behind. The Higher Self stated that quite a number of people who "go missing" actually disappear by following invitations to the Inner Earth. Some reappear a while later (years below can be days up here), pretending amnesia or other stories in order to not irritate and scare the surface population. Many stay below and never return. In those cases, family members and friends are of course (only subconsciously!) aware of this possibility and get to learn many valuable lessons set in motion by the disappearance of the person.

In the client's case, she had decided against the invitation and for her family. That way, she now gets to work out several soul contracts with her loved ones, which were all explained in detail by the Higher Self, enabling her to fulfill them in this lifetime.

You can find the full session in Volume 1 of SOUL JOURNEYS: Beyond Time and Space with the Superconscious.

What's your story?

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