"My Superconscious and I thank you very much for this

fantastic journey of discovery. You are a wonderful travel companion,

and your voice has enchanted me. I feel like Alice in Wonderland,

who has passed through a magical door and is now discovering a whole

"new world"! It was a great experience, which I was initially afraid of,

but my curiosity was stronger, and I am very happy about it.

Thank you so much!"


"Thank you for being my guide on this journey.

And for aiding me to see, feel and shine my light.

I felt lovingly accompanied."


"I'll never forget the moment when my conscious mind stepped aside, my heart opened up, and my Higher Self spoke the very first word. To this day, it moves me deeply to hear the voice on the audio recording. The session helped me learn a lot about me. It opened many doors. I am very grateful and excited about what's to come."


"When entering the apartment I could already sense the loving energy which carried me throughout the whole session and wrapped me into a crystalline layer of comfort. This enabled me to establish connection with my innermost essence. At the perfect time of my life the messages came through, very clearly, very distinctly, back into my conscious mind. Thank you very much! I'll see you next time."


"This was my first encounter with the topic and I was completely sure I would withstand all kinds of hypnosis. So I ended up quite surprised by how easily I submitted myself to the guidance and the process itself. After the session, I remembered the dialogue only vaguely, so I was very happy about the full audio recording as it brought back into memory all that had been said. That way I was able to release a lot of doubt. I live very much in my Here and Now, 

but the fact that I was able to see a part of my greater past fills me with the utmost joy."  


"I still think about my session a lot. The spiritual, healing process it brought about has been a blessing. Almost every day I discover new spiritual and scientific information, not to mention new data that confirms what the Subconscious had said with such wisdom, modesty and love. The 'skeptical' side of me keeps me under check, but the understanding surfaces like an ebbing spring in my consciousness. Thanks for the guidance and for creating this wonderful, easy going atmosphere."  


"I tried hypnosis for the first time this year, even though my interest in it had already been awakened earlier.   I received great preparation  before the session, I felt cared about, understood and accepted. All throughout the session there was complete trust and awareness. In the debriefing afterward I was very surprised by how 'far away' I had actually been because it didn't seem to me like that while being under. The audio recording is very helpful in comprehending the experience and invaluable for processing the information given about the next steps on one's path. From the bottom of my heart, I am deeply grateful for this experience. I am very happy about the changes that have been following and I will definitely book another session if I should ever again have questions that my consciousness alone cannot answer."




"The session helped me a lot! It was a very thrilling and emotional experience that brought me much clarity. 

It was certainly a massive spiritual gain for me. Each day I remember the words of my Higher Self and I benefit from that immensely. Everything they said during the session was true. I am completely convinced that I am on my right path now. I am very much looking forward to my next session.

I have a lot of questions and I am excited to hear the answers!"  



"I must admit I was a bit skeptical, but I had an extraordinary experience that I will forever be thankful for. Three different lives of mine were shown to me and they reflected a lot of what I am today. They offered me the opportunity to see my fears and conflicts from a much bigger perspective and hence get to the bottom of them. Also, they explained my affection and passion towards certain things, as I found out I had surrounded myself with them before. The knowledge I received has enabled me to use my strengths much more effectively and to see my weaknesses not as something bad but as a part of me that just has less importance in this life. I would do it again anytime. 

It was a great experience and it can be immensely helpful when you allow it to be."  


"The session was wonderful. I felt well taken care of and time passed by in a flash. Your sensitive way gave me the feeling that I could ask literally any question. To me, the session has been an experience I would never have missed.

A question had been bothering me for quite some time and through this, I found my answer. It was as simple as that!"                                           (DH)                              

"As I am helping people dealing with psychological and emotional barriers myself, and familiar with a number of different methods, I had been equally skeptical and fascinated. During my session, throughout the whole process, I felt a strong sense of care and appreciation. At any point, I felt safe and sound. The topics I had addressed have since lost their gravity. I look at them with a completely different mindset now.

I am very thankful for this experience."  


"Thank you for the long session today and the recording file! It was so nice to meet. On the way home I stopped at my favorite woods and had a long walk. I realized that my right side had much more strength to walk and support me. I felt another healing process on my body by sunset. Thank you so much for taking care of me during the session.

Also, I would like to thank you for sharing your discoveries and experiences with me. Namaste."  


"Not only was the space you created completely phenomenal, but also the experience we shared together, which I can only describe as the feeling of pure light and love blasting through my vessel in such a way that will leave me knowing it forever. Since then I feel I am connected with everyone in so much of a stronger way than I was before.  I am rarely overwhelmed with my situations these days. I can feel that everything in my experience has been assembled perfectly in order for me to grow. The session has enabled me to feel thankful for the moments I find myself in. More presence, more appreciation for everything, in turn, I receive the same from the world. It seems a seed has been planted, one where I am continuing to grow my awareness that the universe has got this covered for me. All that I must do is TRUST and enjoy it. Sounds easy, but I had been trying quite hard to accomplish this. Now I just know it."  


"It was a great session. Thank you, again! I was so curious that I already listened to my recording in the evening. Even though many answers seem simple, they are precious and applicable on so many levels. Very fascinating! I also feel different physically.

My right side and my had have been worked on. It was a truly unique experience and my very first hypnosis."


"You guided me very well and were able to find exactly the right words. During the session, I sensed how you connected emotionally with my experience. When I arrived home I occasionally slipped back into the three lives that were shown to me and more information was revealed to me. I then realized how deep the trance had actually been! I feel that a lot has risen to the surface and much healing has been taking place. I am very grateful."



"It was beautiful to confide in you and let myself be guided. I felt very comfortable throughout it all. During the interview, you apprehended everything that was important to me and asked exactly the right questions during the sessions. Many of the statements given by my Higher Self have been remarkable! Thank you for being so good at asking the right questions!"


"I wanna thank you very much for my session! You did a fantastic job. I felt super relaxed and very comfortable with you and I am very happy to have been your client. You are a great guy!

Keep doing the amazing work you do!" 


"I was able to engage the session with curiosity but without any expectations.  That's why I was even more    delighted to observe the first healing processes only a few days after the session:   I had to exchange my glasses since their lens strength    did not match    my healed eyesight anymore!   My Higher Self had explained how my fears had weakened my  optic nerve  over the years. I felt  very well taken care of and  looked after and  would do it again  anytime.  Thank you very much for this extraordinary experience."


"In the session, a new space was created inside of me which keeps on growing up to today. From it, many positive impulses and waves of strength are coming to me, like from a stone dropping into water. It was the most truthful experience of self love and it touched me deeply. I am very thankful for it."


"Before we started with the hypnosis part I felt well-prepared, understood and accepted. During the session I sensed a constant feeling of trust and awareness.   Afterwards I was surprised by  how far I had gone into trance even though it didn't feel that way while being under. The audio recording helps me to comprehend what I experienced and where my path is leading me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this experience. I am immensely    happy about the changes that were following and I will definitely book another session once  I see myself faced with questions again that my conscious mind is not able to  find the answers to."