With a little help ...

As one of the first and most experienced quantum hypnosis practitioners in the German-speaking world, I have been contacted by numerous prospective QHHT® and BQH practitioners in recent years to give advice, help with challenges, provide support, and explain phenomena that occur when facilitating sessions.

Since I myself still know how easy it can be to feel lost and overwhelmed at the beginning of this path, and because of the immense appreciation I felt at the time (and will forever feel) for the help and guidance I received from more experienced practitioners, I have decided to pass this support on to the next generation: in the form of my personal mentoring program.

It consists of periodical conversations that take place via Zoom, WhatsApp call or telephone and serve you to ask questions and talk to me about issues that concern you as a practitioner. These include, for example:  

  • the ideal preparation of your clients for their session

  • design and equipment of your session environment

  • action strategies during the hypnosis

  • finding solutions for potential challenges

  • improving the efficiency and quality of your work

  • marketing and communication

  • and much more...

You individually decide the frequency and length of the mentoring calls! Here you have the option of choosing between 30 minutes (€66 including VAT) or 60 minutes (€111 including VAT) calls in a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly rhythm. You also determine the duration of the mentoring program. It all starts with a package of 4 calls that can be renewed as often as you like. If you feel that you have received the support you need, the program can simply be terminated at the end of the last booked period. Of course, only one-time calls are possible, too, if you only have a few specific questions that do not require ongoing support.  

If you feel called by my personal mentoring program, and you want to save yourself a lot of time and frustration on your path as a quantum hypnosis practitioner, contact me, and we will find an appointment for a first conversation.


I look forward to accompanying and supporting you with my extensive experience and my intense passion for this work.​​​​​​​​​​

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