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Where does the information come from?

To create a Soul Reading, I connect energetically with your soul's archive, your so-called "Akashic Record." Your personal record contains, among other things, all the experiences you have ever had, all the choices you have ever made, and all the emotions that have accompanied these choices and experiences. In this record, not only your current life is documented, but also all the other existences you have had since you set out on your path of evolution as an individualized aspect of Source.  


 Where are the Akashic Records located?

The general consensus is that the Akashic Records reside in an energetic form on the fifth dimension, the plane of light and wisdom. On Transformative Soul Journeys, they often present themselves to travelers in the form of a gigantic library or great hall, containing in countless books or scrolls the records of everything that has ever happened or will ever happen. However, these are probably just metaphors to help us understand something that has no material form and does not exist in any specific physical "place."  


How much does a Soul Reading cost?

Please find a current list of reading options and fees here (all prices incl. VAT). After making the booking, the full amount is to be paid via PayPal ( or by bank transfer (IBAN: DE80 5085 2553 0005 0123 56). Once the fee is received, I will start with the preparations for the reading. Please note that refunds are not possible - except for the above-explained case of a soul veto. 

What information will I receive?

That depends on whether you choose to commission a Soul Profile, a Soul Realignment®, a Life Situation Reading or a Chakra Analysis. In the "Soul Readings" section of this website, you will find access to detailed descriptions of the various options. Alternatively, you can click on the links to access the individual readings. Here is a compact overview of possible intentions and the corresponding reading:

"I want to know more about my Self and my Soul's blueprint." (Soul Profile)

"I want to know more about my Self and my Soul's blueprint and clear my karmic field." (Soul Realignment®)

"I want to address and clear specific current issues/blockages." (Life Situation Reading)

"I feel unbalanced and would like to have my energy system checked." (Chakra Analysis)

How do I commission a reading?

Once you have decided to receive a Soul Reading and your booking has been made, I only need a few details from you to locate your record in the Akashic Records and begin with the creation of your reading. The submission of this information symbolizes your consent for me to look at your record. Without your consent, this would not be possible. After you have given me yours, I also ask your Higher Self and Soul for their permission. Once received, I can start. I will briefly inform you and begin with the creation of your reading.


What if my Soul does not give its consent?

Occasionally, it happens that a Higher Self or Soul does not give access to its Akashic Record, even though the incarnated personality wants and has allowed it. This would occur only if obtaining Soul-level information would not be beneficial for the development of the personality at that time. We have to respect such a "veto" on our plane; unfortunately, an insight into the Record is not possible then. In such a rare case, I would simply inform you, give a full refund, and recommend to perhaps try again after some time has passed or possibly consider a quantum hypnosis session. 


When and how will I receive my reading?

This is different for each reading. Depending on the order situation and how many hypnosis sessions I am booked for at the time, the creation of a reading can take anywhere between 3 and 10 days. I will inform you as soon as your material is complete. Each reading consists of a multi-page PDF document that I will send to you by email. Naturally, their volumes can vary. For example, the volume of a Soul Realignment® depends on how much integration is currently possible for the personality. Trauma or karma that the personality is not yet ready to deal with, for example, would not show up when reading the record.  


Can we discuss my reading in person?

Yes, we can, and I even recommend it! However, I would like to allow each client to make this decision for themselves. If you need to talk or if there is something I can clarify or elaborate on for you, just contact me within 48 hours of receiving your report, and we will find an appointment for a Zoom or phone call of either 30 minutes (€33) or 60 minutes (€66) in length within a week. My own energetic cleansing includes letting go of my client's material by leaving their record and deleting their Soul Reading from my hard drive after one week. After that, I can no longer be available for specific questions about the material.  


How many readings can I have done?

As a rule, it makes sense to have only one Soul Profile done in a lifetime. Most of the information received is eternal and therefore, would not change over time. However, some of the Akashic Record information compiled for a Soul Realignment®, for example, does change as we evolve and can be re-quested at intervals as needed. Life Situation Readings as well as Chakra Analyses can be commissioned multiple times or even regularly. If you have already experienced an Akashic reading (from me or someone else) in this lifetime, please let me know, so we can discuss what information would be helpful for you. 


Can I commission readings for other people?

There are universal moral and ethical restrictions valid here that must be respected. The Akashic Records only allow readings to be done for a third person without their explicit permission if the person commissioning the reading has responsibility for that person (e.g. minors or those in need of care) or if they strongly influence their life by sharing the same household (e.g. spouses and partners). Furthermore, such a reading is only possible if the intention behind it is to better understand a fellow human being and thus to better support them on their journey. If this intention is not present, the soul of the person to be read would not allow access. So there is a "built-in safety mechanism" for all involved. Nevertheless, I would recommend to always ask the third person for their permission - even in the case of a reading that is commissioned as a gift for a loved one.

Can only certain people read the Records?

No. It would like to emphasize that every human being has the innate right and ability to read their Akashic Record. This aspect belongs firmly to our existence, and on YouTube you can find many wonderful guided meditations on the subject to help you with this. However, it is like cooking, driving, or singing, for example: if you haven't devoted yourself to it, you will quickly reach your limits and find it difficult to produce high-quality and time-efficient results. Besides, there are certain energetic phenomena that can make it difficult to access true information. Unfortunately, they are not recognizable to the layperson. Working with someone who has been professionally trained in reading and interpreting the Records therefore makes a lot of sense, and I am delighted to be able to do this for you!

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