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Studio (Bornheim)          

Hundreds of sessions have taken place over the last years in my small but beautiful session studio in the charming and dynamic Bornheim district of Frankfurt. Many of my clients are able to feel the wonderful energies that have been visiting and working here as soon as they enter. It is a sacred place full of love, understanding and safety, where you can relax very easily, let go with confidence and open up to your experience. (Please note that the studio is located on the 4th floor and there is no elevator).

Click here for the address, directions as well as parking facilities nearby.

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Gestalt-Institut (Westend/Messe)         

Some sessions take place in the peaceful premises of the Gestalt-Institute in Frankfurt's Westend near the exhibition. A spacious session room, which has been carrying the energies of realization and healing for years, inspires consciousness to expand and go on profound inner journeys. Expanding potential and personal growth are the intentions of the institute, which resonates wonderfully with quantum hypnosis. (The institute is located on the 1st floor and an elevator is available).  

Click here for the address, directions as well as parking facilities nearby.

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House Calls (Mallorca)         

When on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Mallorca, I currently only offer home visits for in-person sessions, i.e. my clients need to provide the location for the session. This can be a finca, an apartment or even a hotel room. It is important that the location is quiet and that we can work undisturbed for a few hours. If you live in Mallorca or would like to have your quantum hypnosis experience there, I will be happy to visit you at your accommodation. (Fuel costs will be added to the session price.)

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Wherever a session takes place, your well-being is my highest priority. I respect the energies I work with and always try to achieve the best possible result with my clients. I am completely discreet and honor the precious bond of trust between client and practitioner with respect and utmost professionalism.

At the same time, I am very personable and aware of the fact that quantum hypnosis might be a new concept for you, and so I will do the best that I can to guide you through what could potentially be one of the most wonderful, profound, and enjoyable experiences of your life. Over the past six years, I have assisted hundreds of clients from all over the world on their journeys, and I look forward to sharing my experience, expertise, and passion with you.

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