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offer three different premium packages with varying time and financial commitment: "Quartz," "Opal," and "Gold." Each of the packages includes the experience of a Quantum Hypnosis session, an Akashic Soul Reading, and a personal Zoom call through which I will support you in integrating your experience and the material you received. The elements only differ in length or scope depending on the chosen package. Follow the links to find more information about the various session options and reading options




Compact Session

(in-person or online)

Soul Profile

(Akashic Reading)

integration support

(30 minutes Zoom Call)





Half-Day Session

(in-person or online)

Soul Realignment "Essential"

(Akashic Reading)

integration support

(45 minutes Zoom Call)





Full-Day Session

(in-person or online)

Soul Realignment "Deluxe"

(Akashic Reading)

integration support

(60 minutes Zoom Call)



All quantum hypnosis sessions can be conducted in-person or online.


All quantum hypnosis session can be conducted as QHHT® or TSJ (Transformative Soul Journey) sessions.

All online sessions will be conducted as Transformative Soul Journeys, as QHHT® is only to be facilitated in person.

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"I am very grateful for my recent experience with Mario. As part of my premium package, I had a hypnosis session and an akashic reading, I received so much information that came through. I 100% recommend Mario, he was professional, kind and compassionate. It was very easy to communicate with him, he answered all my questions and made this process so much easier!!!"



"GOLD" Premium Package

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"I booked the "GOLD" package with Mario because I wanted more comprehensive advice. I wanted to be well looked after, and with Mario, you have someone at your side who has learned from the developer of the QHHT. First, I received my Soul Reading by email, which already contained a lot of important information. With it, I feld very well prepared for the QHHT session and was looking forward to it in a relaxed manner. When I experienced my quantum hypnosis session, it was very good that I had already read the Soul Reading beforehand, so that I could address it with my Higher Self in the session and resolve any questions that had arisen. And the best thing is to be able to talk to Mario on the phone again afterwards to review the day and talk about everything that had been happening since the session. Also, I was able to address any questions that had come up. The package includes  a lot of comprehensive information and great support and is totally worth it!"



"GOLD" Premium Package

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"I contacted Mario in a serious crisis situation that I felt was hopeless. Thanks to his help and my meditative practice, I have managed to resume my strenuous work as a doctor in a psychiatric hospital after a long period of sick leave. I have also built up the confidence that I will finish my residency. I have a clear goal and precise ideas about how I want to work therapeutically in the future. This gives me the stability and motivation that I had been lacking for more than 10 years. I have always found Mario to be correct, professional and competent and can highly recommend his work. I am very grateful to Mario for his support."



"GOLD" Premium Package

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"For me, the combination of reading, journey/session, and framing conversations was insanely helpful, and I'm glad I was able to devote the appropriate resources to the package. Each experience in itself was comprehensive and rich, and the connection that became even more conscious and at the same time deeper through the two conversations is still resonating. Mario allowed a safe space to emerge for each encounter, whether digital or analog in presence, that made it possible. Thank you so much for that!"



"OPAL" Premium Package

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"Mario has been a blessing, I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else :) I’ve worked with Mario before for a past life regression and was so impressed, that I knew I wanted to work with him again. This time, I chose the Opal package in order to deepen the connection to my higher self and heal my past karma by getting the Soul Realignment. Over the past few years, I’ve had significant events challenge my life purpose, my connection to my higher self, and my understanding of self. When I first decided to do hypnosis for these issues, I knew I wanted to find another soul that I felt safe with, and after looking into Mario’s background and speaking with him, I was comfortable enough to take the leap. And I’m glad I did. Through my first hypnosis therapy with Mario, he was able to connect me with my higher self, and I could tune into a really deep sense of love, acceptance, and happiness. This one was my second hypnosis, and I’m so grateful I did the session. I felt positive emotions that I was lacking in my external life, and now I can embody them in my daily meditation. This was my goal for hypnosis, but your higher self will honor whatever goal you may have. If you are new to this process - attuning to your higher self and understanding reincarnation and karmic paths - Mario will be able to guide all on this journey. It was important for me to get the Soul Realignment because my karmic blocks prevented me from moving forward. This was an incredibly valuable experience, as I could feel a shift in my identity, and I was armed with knowledge on how to positively affect change in my life. I really wanted to start this new chapter in my life with Mario’s help. With Mario, I do not feel like a client, but as a patient of an eternal soul healer. Mario’s passion for healing souls is obvious in the way he embodies purity, compassion, and understanding. Throughout this process, I felt both safe and vulnerable. Mario is a pleasure to talk to, an old soul who is fulfilling his life purpose by healing as many souls as possible. I hope you have the pleasure of having Mario touch your soul, too." 



"OPAL" Premium Package




Please use the contact form to make a booking request for your desired package.

I am looking forward to our work together!

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