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If the idea of hypnosis doesn't appeal to you or if you're concerned about the time and effort involved in a session, consider exploring Soul Readings as an alternative avenue for self-discovery, spiritual growth, and healing. By performing Soul Readings, I tap into the Superconscious/Higher Self of the individual I read for in my own time (no appointment needed!) and access their Akashic Record—a reservoir of all their past choices and experiences, serving as a profound repository of universal wisdom. This ethereal archive connects each of us to the higher dimensions, offering profound insights into our existence. (You can find more information about the process in the FAQ section.)


In Quantum Hypnosis sessions, the Superconscious utilizes the Akashic Records to illuminate the individual Soul's path. Drawing upon my training and expertise in reading the Records, I am able as well to delve into your Soul's unique "file" to extract valuable insights tailored to your needs at the time. Working in collaboration with your Superconscious/Higher Self, I craft a comprehensive written report to guide you along your path. The potential applications of accessing the Records are vast and varied, with different types of readings focusing on distinct intentions and themes. Explore the various options I offer under the "Options" menu to find the reading that resonates with you.

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