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In case the concept of hypnosis or the time and energy required for a session does not resonate with you, the Soul Readings I offer may serve as a wonderful alternative tool for self-knowledge, spiritual development, and healing. For their creation, I work with the so-called Akashic Records, which contain, among other knowledge, all the choices and experiences that Souls have ever made. It can therefore be understood as the universal archive of All-That-Is, to which each of us is connected. (You can find more information about the Records in the FAQ section.)


In Quantum Hypnosis sessions, for example, the Superconscious takes hold towards the Akashic Records to give the travelers insight into their Soul path. As a trained and experienced reader of the Records, it is also possible for me to gain insight into your Soul's personal "file" and in this way bring information to the surface for you that will help you on your path. I then compile this information in cooperation with your Superconscious (or: Higher Self) in a detailed written report. The options for using the Records are extremely diverse! Depending on the type of reading, there are different intentions and focal points. Under the menu item "Options" you will find the selection of readings I offer. 

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