Mario Radinger

Certified QHHT®-Practitioner

Certified BQH®-Practitioner

Certified in Soul Realignment®

Certified Past Life Regression Therapist

Certified Akashic Record Reader

Certified Reiki-Practitioner

Certified Sports Hypnotist

Certified Hypnotist

My Journey: Body, Mind & Soul

I was born in 1983 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and as a child first began a long and successful career as a professional dancer. In my subsequent university studies of cultural anthropology, the passionate researcher in me awoke, and I realized that my gift lies in exploring life in its wholeness and getting to the bottom of things, which initially led me into freelance journalism. In 2014, together with my close friend and colleague Khi Robertson, I found Dolores Cannon and quantum hypnosis - and with it, my calling. What Dolores Cannon started with QHHT®, I, together with a new generation of talented practitioners, am now leading into the next age with immense heart and passion as one of the most experienced experts in the German-speaking world.


My inexhaustible spirit of research, an enormously high demand on the quality of my work, and my intuition steered me very early on my own path. I began to further develop the tool I had been given to adapt it to the rapidly changing collective consciousness. Over the course of several years, I developed my own flexible and progressive version of quantum hypnosis, the Soul Journeys, which I offer to clients who feel called by it. Soul Journeys thus resonate strongly with the open concept of Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) concept launched by my esteemed colleague, mentor, and dear friend Candace Craw-Goldman in 2017. 


Through my training with Andrrea Hess's program as a certified reader of the Akashic Records, I have been offering my clients another tool of spiritual development and healing since the start of 2021. The Soul Readings I create are perfect for people who find the idea of a reading made for them more attractive than the certainly more active and involved experience of a hypnosis session. 


However, all of these modalities are excellent tools that can help us grow mentally, spiritually, and physically. They can enable us to heal, understand higher-level connections, and apply universal knowledge that has always existed within us but that we have forgotten over time. Through my work, I assist clients from all over the world in becoming aware of their multidimensionality to help them find the answers to their life questions within themselves, discover their purpose, and create a loving and fulfilling life experience.


I practice in person in Frankfurt am Main and on the Spanish Mediterranean island of Mallorca, and of course online worldwide. All services are available in German and fluent, high-level English.