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"Thank you very much for the Soul Reading. I can find myself very well in the material. 

 Especially valuable is the knowledge about my cosmic origin and the existing karmic blockages. 

 Your work has impressed me, and I have already recommended you twice."

(Thomas, 04/2023)

"I was so happy and it touched me deeply to receive my Soul Realignment.

I read the profile and the homework that came with it several times, and each time

I built a better understanding of all the profound experiences I have had so far.

Tears were flowing, my whole body was vibrating. A firm determination awoke in me  

that I had never felt that clearly before..." 

(Angelika, 07/2022)

"The Soul Realignment was a great help for me in understanding myself better.

I now know what my original soul energy is and what stands in MY way to live in harmony with it.

I had not found such an all-around package before. In the first part, the report shows us who your soul

originally is while the second part reveals blockages and patterns that have lead us away from this original state.

In the third part, we learn how to get back into our original soul energy - through tools and homework that Mario

provides for implementation in daily life. The Soul Realignment created by Mario prepares the perfect breeding

ground for self-healing. The implementation and execution is then in the hands of the client, and discipline is required 

to apply and implement this knowledge in everyday life. If you have experience in self-healing, you'll know what a high

quality service this is. In my eyes, the price-performance ratio is excellent because the benefits are really invaluable.

I am grateful from the bottom of my soul for the opportunity that Mario makes available to us through his work. 

It is the greatest gift for me to be able to understand why I behave or experience things in a certain way. 

This is how one shifts from a victim state of ignorance and powerlessness into an empowered state.

I would even consider a Soul Report as a parent. By knowing what the primary energetic 

energy of the child's soul is, one can optimally support their development."

(Brita, 02/2022)

"I have now read through my Soul Reading several times,

and it is incredibly interesting to see things printed in black and white that I have always suspected.  

I am also diligently doing the homework and already notice the first changes:

Life feels a bit lighter, and I am less often stuck in negative thought loops. 

This report is one of the most interesting texts I have ever read about myself.

Thanks a million for your work!"

(Natalie, 01/2022)

"So much confirmation for....EVERYTHING.

And finally an explanation in black and white for something I never understood about myself.

All abut this report resonates with me. I am touched to my very core and super excited to do my homework.

Thank you for the day I discovered your site!"

(Alina, 01/2022)

"My Soul Reading fills me with humility and gratitude ....

opens the vastness ... with great wonder. I bow down in gratitude

and connectedness before Your being and working." 

(Angelika, 12/2021)

"My soul Reading has made me aware of some "new" areas of

construction and confirmed others that I was already aware of.
It is a wonderful tool to understand yourself better and get on the right path. 

I will now follow my path in life more in alignment with my Soul's Blueprint,

and I will never forget the part this material played in it."

(Christoph, 10/2021)

"This Soul Reading reached me at just the right time.

 So many aspects were confirmed for me, and pieces of the puzzle

are coming together for many questions I have asked myself in my life.

I am so glad I followed my gut feeling and decided to have a reading done by Mario.

Now I have many new approaches to use and more clarity.

I can really feel myself coming back to myself more.

 I am in deep gratitude for this wonderful work, this precious gift,

and would definitely recommend Mario to others.

 For sure, I will also contact him sometime for a QHHT session.

Many, many thanks again!"

(Julia, 10/2021)

"These are the best 14 pages I have ever read in my entire life. 

How the whole reading is set up is amazingly beautiful and also very understandable.

I’ve read it twice now and will read it for many more times to dive deeper in understanding each time. 

Today I will start with my homework. Yeeeah! I’m so excited! 

Mario, I want to thank you from the deepest of my heart. 

Thank you for all you do and have done to come so far for helping me and all the other brave souls. 

I hope to hear and read more from you and your work on Social Media. I’m a big fan!"

(Tara, 09/2021) 

"I have been on a path of spiritual awakening off and on through my life,

one that has certainly increased over the past year with the new state of our world.

Everything in Mario's report resonated with me on so many levels. I already feel more directed,

conscious of my behavior and so grateful for the hidden truths that help to reveal why I am the way I am and some of the things I can work on during this journey. I now feel like perhaps I can actually attain a level of full alignment by the end of this lifetime. The techniques he uses to help find realignment are incredible, and I can only describe the feeling of resonance as one that gives you chills. He is a special guide and if

you found him, you are lucky! I would 1000% fully recommend this to someone and am even more

excited to one day do a quantum hypnosis session with Mario when life allows the time."

(Helen, 08/2021)

"I was absolutely delighted with my personal reading.

Because of it, I have recognized that traits that I have always 'fought' belong to me.

I now understand my actions, and I am finding a whole new direction in my life.

Just beautiful. My daughter now also wants a Soul Realignment!"

(Kerstin, 07/2021)

"The Soul Reading created by Mario was a decisive experience for me that I wouldn't want to miss.

It is extremely exciting to see how relieving and clearing it has been on my everyday life so far.

This Soul Realignment has focused and grounded me again, and I now have more courage and energy for new things.

From the strengths and weaknesses of my soul, which were summarized in my report and expressed very concretely,

I gained more self-worth. The report helped me live and experience the here and now even more consciously.

Many thanks, Mario, for your passionate, professional work, which I really appreciate in every respect!"

(Nicole, 04/2021)

After being on a spiritual path for quite some years I had discovered a lot through various mediums, hypnosis,

books and workshops, but nothing could prepare me for what I was about to receive through my Akashic reading from Mario. It was such a turning point for me, a pivotal moment of understanding and expansion, the key that turned the lock. It finally put into place all the loose ends of why I am the way I am, why I like the things I do, and where my foibles and strengths come from. Just to hear these things that I've always felt deep inside being mirrored back to me in such clear, concise way was soul-fulfilling. Suddenly, I felt more anchored and grounded. I felt calmer but also empowered to

continue this path - but in a new, inspired way. To know my origins, where my spirit incarnated first, was such a

weight off my shoulders in my present life. It has given me a strength and vitality to go on in a much better way.

Also, a new perspective and understanding in a world where all we ever want is to be is understood.

I can recommend Mario and his amazing work 100 %. This is a great gift to yourself or someone else.

The accuracy of the reading is profound, and the information is transformative. I will keep

my reading for years, and I will reread it whenever I need a reminder of my strength.

Thank you again for your amazing work, I will never forget this.

Five stars. excellent work. Totally worth doing.

(John, 03/2021)

"I approached my Soul Profile without any experience or expectations.

It has helped me a lot to better understand certain situations and thoughts -

unconscious ones, too. It was like a curtain going up and then everything was

very obvious! I know my job begins now. My Soul Realignment will help me

to better deal with my issues and ultimately resolve them."

(Eva, 02/2021)

In the past, I had made a many decisions out of uncertainty and fear, but also because of the

conventions and expectations I had accepted. This had ultimately led me in a direction of life that

was strongly characterized by frustration and helplessness. I was exhausted as soon as I woke up and

suffered from recurring back pain. In search of more direction and help, I found the Soul Profile.

For me, it was the beginning of the end of a very long, strength-sapping phase. 

My reading helped me gain certainty and confirmation about my inner compass, the energetic veins that pulsate deep within me and drive me at the core. This has been very relaxing. In addition, it helped me to see how I myself had contributed to the creation of my situation, and what behaviors help me change direction. This allowed me to identify the knots in my life and set about transforming them sustainably by starting to consciously make different choices. it was hard at first, but quickly became easier and even fun!

I have made a lot of progress in the past 6 months since receiving the report. Exhaustion, frustration and helplessness disappeared from the forefront and only made themselves known when more knots appeared, which I now know how to work on quickly. Since my major knots have all but disappeared after almost six months, I no longer check my report daily. However, I still read it attentively from time to time and keep finding new aspects that miraculously become more and more true in my life.

I did not know the Akashic Records before and would not have thought that the effect of such a reading would be so great. I am very convinced that it can help all people who have the feeling that they are not fully present energetically or have doubts about the direction they have taken in life, professionally or privately. However, it is important to understand that the report is not a magic pill that solves all challenges for

you, but "merely" supports you in creating it yourself. 

Thank you very much, Mario, for this unique service and also for your personal

support in understanding and integrating, which helped me a lot.

Conclusion: An affordable top service with priceless effect!

(Constantine, 05/2021)

"The reading created by Mario hit me very hard.

The individual sections described me so precisely that I could hardly believe it!

I could find myself in both my difficult aspects and my good aspects,

and seeing the explanations for my behavior patterns was very moving for me.  

  I now know - no matter what situation I am in and how I feel -

which blockages and experiences from the past are active.

That way I can assess myself better and react accordingly.

This Soul Realignment was an important aspect for me personally!  

Since I don't want to repeat the negative experiences, I focus entirely on the

positive decisions that support me in this life of my divine soul plan.  

Mario, thank you for your work with me and for making it possible

to get to know myself better, to understand myself more,

and to lead a positive and fulfilling life! "

(Maryna, 02/2021)

"The Soul Profile was a profound experience and journey into my inner being.

I've learned a lot about my personality, which has given me a lot

and opened up new perspectives for my own personal path in life.

I was finally able to let go of certain energies that had been blocking

my personal progress. I feel very grateful for all the valuable

information that came through and was provided by this

special and experienced healerHighly Recommended!"  

(Benjamin, 02/2021)

"My Soul Profile was extremely interesting and informative for me.

I could absolutely identify myself in the included character description.

It also showed very well those areas of my life that I can optimize for myself."

(Alexander, 01/2021)

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