"The Soul Profile created by Mario was a decisive experience for me that I wouldn't want to miss.

It is extremely exciting to witness and experience the relieving and clearing effects it has on my everyday life.

The realignment has focused and grounded me again, and I now have more courage and strength for new things.

Knowing about my soul's strengths and weaknesses, which were extracted from my record and expressed directly in my report,

helped me to gain more self-worth. It enabled me to live and experience the here and now even more consciously.

Thank you, Mario for your passionate, professional work, which I really appreciate in every respect!"

(Nicole, 47)



"Having been on a spiritual path for quite some years, I have learned a lot through mediums, hypnosis,

and various books and workshops, but nothing could prepare me for what I was about to receive through

my Akashic reading from Mario. It was such a turning point for me, a pivotal moment of understanding and expansion. Although I already knew a lot about myself, this Akashic reading was the key that turned the lock.

It finally put into place all the loose ends of why I am the way I am, why I like the things I do, and where my

foibles and strengths come from. Just to hear these things that I've always felt deep inside being mirrored back to

me in such clear and concise way was truly validating. Suddenly, I was more anchored and grounded. I felt calmer

but also empowered to continue on my path but in a new inspired way. To know my origins, where my spirit

incarnated first, was such a weight off my shoulders in my present life. It has given me a strength and vitality

to go on in a much better way. It has given me a new cosmic and physical perspective and a new level of understanding in a world where all we ever want is to be understood. I can recommend Mario and his

amazing work 100%. This is a great gift to yourself or someone else. The accuracy of the reading is

profound and the information is transformative. Thank you, Mario, I will keep my reading for years

and I will reread it whenever I need a reminder of my strength. Thank you again for your

excellent work. I will never forget this. Five stars."

(John, 40) 

"I approached my Soul Profile completely without any experience or expectations.

It has helped me a lot to better understand certain life situations and thought patterns -

especially unconscious ones. It was like a curtain going up and then everything was very obvious!

I know my real work starts now. My Soul Realignment will help me

deal with my issues and ultimately resolve them. "

(Eva, 40)



"My very revealing Soul Profile resonated with me completely.

Thank you very much for the transformative conversation that followed about

how I can utilize my soul's qualities and make more positive decisions for myself.

It's already working well, and I'm making big progress. Thank you very much for this service!"

(Constantine, 34)



"The Soul Reading created by Mario "hit" me very precisely.

The individual sections described me in so much detail that I could hardly believe it!

I could find myself in both my good and difficult times,

and seeing these explanations for my behavior patterns was very moving for me.

I now know - no matter what situation I am in and how I feel -

which blockages and experiences from the past are active.

That way I can assess myself better and react accordingly.

The Soul Realignment was an important aspect for me personally!

Since I don't want to repeat my soul's "negative" experiences,

I focus entirely on the positive decisions

who support me in the life of my divine soul plan.

Mario, thank you for your work with me and for making it possible

to get to know myself better, to understand myself,

and to lead a positive and fulfilling life!"

(Maryna, 39)



"The Soul Profile was a very profound experience and journey into my inner being.

I've learned a lot about my soul's personality, and that has 

opened up a lot of new perspectives for my own personal life path.

I was finally able to let go of certain energies that had blocked my progress,

and I feel very grateful for all the valuable information provided by this

special and experienced healer. Highly Recommended!"

(Benjamin, 36)



"My Soul Profile was extremely interesting and informative for me.

I could absolutely identify myself with the included character description.

The Reading is very helpful in revealing areas of life that you can optimize for yourself."

(Alexander, 39)