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Clear Vision


The following session excerpt is a great example of what the quality of our eyesight can tell us about self-limitation. In this case, I got to ask the client's Superconscious (=SC) about the origin of her shortsightedness.


SC: She is blinded by a combination of her own and other peoples' emotions. Fear, guilt, self-doubt. That robs her of the ability to see things clearly. Everything is blurred when she looks a little further into the distance, into the future. Yet, emotions in themselves are not bad. They're normal. But how they influence everyday life when they take over control is another story, especially fear. It is as if she protects herself from seeing the future with a clear view, and prefers to see it through a veil of emotions. It does not have to be like this.

M: Is there anything you can do for her here and now?

SC: We can cleanse the emotions. (Pause.) We're hoping this will have the effect she needs. (Pause.) Yes, she'll see more clearly now. She has no other physical ailments or diseases, but she must be careful, as emotions can create those. She'll know through her eyes now - literally. They are her compass.


The SC also gave her a wonderful mantra ("I will rid myself of all that does not serve me, and let everything flow that helps me in my development.") and recommended colloidal silver drops to support the eyes' healing.

What's your story?

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