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An in-person session is the classic way of conducting and experiencing quantum hypnosis. There are several reasons for this: besides the fact that until the invention of videotelephony there was no alternative to the historically established face-to-face encounter, many people simply prefer direct contact and the presence of their practitioner in the room when working with energy and consciousness. 


I offer in-person sessions both in my Frankfurt session studio and in Mallorca. In my studio in Frankfurt you have access to a very high vibrational, completely safe space, blessed by hundreds of Soul Journeys and the presence of many higher-dimensional entities who have been visiting in sessions over the years. There, you can completely relax, let go, and open up to your quantum hypnosis experience. On the island, currently only home visits are possible, which means that you would need to be able to provide a suitable place (such as an apartment, a hotel room, or a finca) for your session there. 


Please note: If you would like to experience Dolores Cannon's hypnosis technique QHHT®, an in-person session is the only possible form of conduct, as this modality is not to be practiced online! Dolores was not too fond of computer technology in general, which is why she asked during her lifetime that her modality is only to be experienced in person. I have always honored that.  

An online session allows you to experience quantum hypnosis over great distances worldwide. This is especially beneficial to people who are unable to travel to my session locations due to time, logistical, or health reasons. In online sessions, it becomes wonderfully clear what quantum and metaphysics have long known: that energy and consciousness operate independently of time and space. In fact, many of my online clients remark after their sessions that during their Transformative Soul Journeys (TSJ), they had completely forgotten that we were not in the same physical space! I can therefore state that, in my experience, there is really no difference between in-person and remote sessions when it comes to experience, potential, and efficiency. I recommend always listening to your intuition here. It will let you know what session type is more appropriate for you.


For a pleasant and efficient online session, you will need a device (computer, tablet, or smartphone) with webcam and stable internet connection, on which the Zoom app can be installed. Through it, we will connect with each other. You will also need a reliable headset (headphones with a microphone) with excellent acoustics that can be connected to your device via a cable (the batteries of Bluetooth headsets often do not last long enough for quantum hypnosis sessions!). And of course, you need a comfortable room with a bed, sofa or recliner chair where you can relax completely undisturbed for the duration of the session.



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You can find more information about Quantum Hypnosis in general (and much more) in the FAQ section

Please use the contact form to make a booking request for your compact session.

I am looking forward to our adventure!

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