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​​How long does a session take?

For a full-day session, expect an average of up to 7 hours in total. We usually start at 10am and finish until 5pm (including pre-talk and debrief). Half-day sessions begin at 10am and usually finish until 3:30pm. Compact sessions go from 10am to 2pm. In any case, I recommend clearing your session day to avoid unnecessary stress and allow space for integration. Time extensions are possible at extra charge. 

How much does a session cost?

For a full-day session, I charge €700 (in-person)/€600 (online). Half-day sessions are charged at €550 (in-person)/€450 (online), and compact sessions at €400 (in-person)/€350 (online). All fees are including 19% VAT tax. Please note: In-person sessions in Mallorca can currently be done as home visits only and are charged plus fuel costs. (Find a list of all my services & fees here.) 


Usually, the booked timeframe is sufficient for the respective number of issues to be addressed. However, if so desired, compact and half-day sessions can be extended by 1 hour. This extended hour is charged at €100. Please let me know on your client form if a time extension is something you consider an option. In that case, I would follow your wish during the session - should it be necessary. Otherwise, I will honor the booked timeframe and bring the session to a close when the marker approaches. There might still be unaddressed issues. Please note: I will never extend a session at extra costs without your instruction to do so.

How do I transfer the fee?

For full-day in-person sessions, an amount of €500 is to be paid upfront via PayPal ( or IBAN (DE80 5085 2553 0005 0123 56) in order to turn your appointment reservation into a full booking. The remainder (€200) is to be brought physically on the day of your session for the symbolic exchange of energy. For half-day in-person sessions, the transfer is €400, leaving a remainder of €150 to be brought to the appointment. Compact in-person sessions require a transfer of €300 and leave a remainder of €100. For any online session or premium package, the full amount is to be paid upfront. Please state as purpose of transfer the following only: name, session date, and session type (= in-person/online). 


The transferred amount is an important energetic symbol of your commitment. Payments are non-refundable once the preparation material has been received. In case of cancellation due to illness, an alternative date will be found and the paid amount will remain valid. Please note: The fee represents compensation for my time, energy, experience, competence, and passion for the service that I offer. As in all therapeutic work with human beings, results are individual and can therefore not be guaranteed. 

How many sessions do I need?

One session is usually enough. Each session delivers exactly what the client is ready for at that specific time. Some might need a second go to reach their goals, but this is rare (2%). Others return years later with a completely new list of questions, ready to embark on another adventure, which is exciting for me and something I appreciate very much. Therefore, the rate for a returning client's session is reduced.

Will I be healed after my session?

Quantum hypnosis is definitely a miracle in terms of its complexity and healing abilities, but it is not a magic pill. Not in the sense that after one session, all your problems are gone. This is possible for some people, and I witness a lot of special healing stories. But usually the process begins after your session. Humans are complex beings, carrying a lot of history, memories and emotions with them. Quantum hypnosis helps you feel through unprocessed feelings so that you can be free of them, and it gives you insights and tools to implement in your life. But the integration and application of these things are where you yourself come in. Your Higher Consciousness will be with you after your session and will still help you. So you are not alone in your process. At times, a person has gathered so many pains, limiting thoughts and patterns throughout their life that it is not always possible to address all of it in one session. But: You always get what you need at that time, and one session can really do a lot!

Will I remember what happens? 

You might remember all of it, some of it, or none of it. Each person and session is unique. This is why your session will be audio-recorded and sent to you by email the day after. 

Can other people be helped as well?

Of course, we want to focus on you during your session. However, it is possible to receive guidance and even healing for another person by inviting their Higher Self to speak to us. This is called a Surrogate Session. For example, at some point in a parent's session, we invite their child's Higher Self to work with us and to give healing to the child. Please note: We need adults to have given you their conscious permission to do this work for them! 

Can I bring a friend to the session?

No. Quantum hypnosis is extremely private and intimate therapy and is done one-on-one only. The presence of another person nearby - especially someone you are close to - has an energetic influence on the session and can distort the flow of information. However, you may of course have someone accompany you to the doorstep and pick you up afterward. 

Would you travel for sessions?

Yes, this is possible and especially interesting for couples and groups. In the case of out-of-town sessions, travel and - if necessary - accommodation expenses must be paid for by the client. Total travel time must not exceed the booked session time. 

Will quantum hypnosis work on me?

Quantum hypnosis has the potential to help any mentally healthy person to establish direct access to their Inner/Higher Self. I am very good at what I do, and I have helped hundreds of clients experience other lives and let their Higher Selves speak. Still: The effect of any kind of hypnosis depends greatly on the client's willingness and ability to temporarily suspend their analytical and critical thinking in order to surrender themselves to the process. For some, this comes easy, naturally. Others need a bit of training first. I recommend a daily practice of meditation, visualization exercises, and honest self-inquiry of one's expectations. In my experience, an excessive desire towards a specific outcome generally proves counterproductive. The Higher Self is not a genie in a bottle to be conjured at will. They are always open to assist and communicate, but if we want to connect with them, we must adjust our vibration accordingly. An authentic serenity regarding the potential result usually enables the "best" sessions. 


Do I have to believe in reincarnation?

No, that is not necessary. This technique works all over the planet with people of different culture, religion, and philosophy. A quantum hypnosis session activates universal aspects of the soul which are inherent in every single human being. 


What if I can't go deep enough?

Most people believe they must get "knocked out" completely in hypnosis, similar to anesthesia. That would be the somnambulist state of consciousness Dolores Cannon mentions in her books. It does exist, but it is very, very rare (approx. 3 people out of a 100). It is simply a question of natural predisposition. Most people will experience a heightened state of awareness which feels somehow strangely out of space and time.


Do you guarantee healing? Do YOU  heal me? Didn't Dolores heal all her clients? 

To all three questions: No. No guarantees of any kind can be given. All healing is SELF-healing. I am merely a guide and facilitator to help you manifest your OWN healing. All answers and all health lie within YOU. Dolores Cannon created a marvelous method, but not every person magically healed after having a session with her. Results are completely individual. I have seen astounding, even miraculous things happening in sessions or over time. I have seen many cases of improvement, sometimes incredible, sometimes significant, sometimes marginal. And I have seen little change as well. The more convinced you are of your own potential, the bigger the change you will experience. 


Self-hypnosis? Self-healing? It sounds like I'm responsible for my experience!

Absolutely. Dolores herself always said to her clients, "90% of this is gonna be up to you." You might have noticed by now: Quantum hypnosis is a modality that requires a certain spiritual maturity and therefore fits especially to people who are willing to take responsibility for their life and no longer project it onto the outside world. I see it as my calling to help those people integrate their issues and challenges by acting as a process companion and mediator between the different levels of their consciousness. If your intuition leads you to this experience, trust that exactly what is right for you will happen. And I will be here for you. 

What is the difference between QHHT® and a Transformative Soul Journey?

QHHT® (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) is quantum hypnosis facilitated the way Dolores Cannon taught and practiced it until 2014 - original and pure. The process of the hypnosis induction is bound to a specific, legally protected script. In contrast, a Transformative Soul Journey (TSJ) is a more progressive, open form of quantum hypnosis that allows the practitioner to incorporate other learned techniques and skills into the hypnosis induction as needed, thus flexibly adapting the process to the needs of the individual. TSJ is therefore well suited for people who feel they might need a little more time and attention to get into the required hypnotic trance. With QHHT® as it is right now, an extension or addition to the given script would not be allowed. However, both modalities carry exactly the same intention and allow exactly the same potential session elements to unfold (regression, connection and healing). Which form of quantum hypnosis one tends towards is also a question of what one resonates with more as a type: the pure, clean and classical, or the free, open and progressive. Probably the biggest practical difference between the two modalities, however, is that QHHT® may only be done on-site and in-person, while a Transformative Soul Journey may be experienced both on-site and in-person and also online over long distances. My modality is a specially developed form of quantum hypnosis in resonance with the BQH concept, but also flavored by my extensive experience as a QHHT® practitioner. 

What do I need for an online session? 

For a pleasant and efficient online session, you'll need a device (computer, tablet or smartphone) with a webcam and internet connection on which the online conferencing software Zoom can be installed. You will also require a reliable headset (headphones with a microphone that's close to your mouth) with excellent recording quality that can be connected to your device via cable (Bluetooth headsets can run out of battery quickly and built-in laptop microphones do not suffice!). And of course, you'll need a comfortable room with a bed, sofa, or armchair where you can relax, completely undisturbed, for the entire duration of the session.

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