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Experience the effect of quantum hypnosis despite contraindications - Surrogate Sessions make it possible!​

Unfortunately, there are some reasons why a quantum hypnosis experience might not be an option for someone:


the person is a minor or a child

the person is in the third trimester of pregnancy

the person is mentally ill and under medical treatment

the person is not in full possession of his/her mental faculties

the person is physically or financially unable to travel to the session

the person is not able to go into a hypnotic trance or does not dare to do so

the person does not have access to appropriate technical equipment for an online session


In the past, these contraindications would have made it impossible to experience a quantum hypnosis session. This is different now! Together with my wonderful colleague Mareike Franz ( I now offer "surrogate sessions". In those, Mareike and I go on a Soul Journey for you (or for the person for whom you commission the session) and connect with the respective Higher Self to receive insight and information and work on issues of any kind.


Mareike is not only a quantum hypnosis practitioner herself, but also a highly competent psychic medium, enjoying a close and routine connection with the spiritual world! She connects with our client's Higher Self during the session while I serve as a very experienced process facilitator who navigates Mareike through the various phases of the journey and converses with the Higher Self (which speaks through Mareike). A recording of the entire journey is made and sent to the client afterward. It contains all the information and thus the results of the session. (At this time, the recording itself will be in German. You will be provided with a written summary in English that contains the key points of information.) 


Please note: You can only commission a surrogate session for another person if you have the legal responsibility for them, either as a parent, legal guardian, officially appointed caregiver, or care representative! 


Although Mareike and I both offer our time, energy, experience, competence, and passion in surrogate sessions, we want to keep this service as affordable as possible and charge a total of €450 only. It is equivalent to my half-day session format in terms of length and allows for addressing up to five topics with one to two specific questions each. 


Surrogate sessions are a love-based joint project of The Soul Journeys & Mediale Heilung München:

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Please use the contact form to make a booking request for your quantum hypnosis session.

We are looking forward to journeying for you!

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Mareike & Mario

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