What is Soul Realignment®?

Most of our Souls have been on their journeys for a very long time. The experiences we have had in our incarnations shape the personalities we are today. Both our challenges and suffering result from the karmic path we have taken. By learning more about our journey, we can understand ourselves, heal, and flourish in a fulfilled way.

Just as a car accumulates dents and dings over time, we accumulate wounds in our Soul in every lifetime. Unresolved, these wounds begin to add up, weighing us down, costing us energy, and making healing and moving forward in life almost impossible. We then wonder why everything is so exhausting, and we feel hopeless and helpless in striving for our goals. This is where Soul Realignment® can help, as It works with your Akashic Record! 

Your Akashic Record is something like the "archive" of your Soul. All your experiences are documented there - from the time when your Soul came from Source until the time when you will finally return home. Your Akashic Record contains the energetic imprint of all your thoughts, feelings, memories, decisions and actions from all your lives. This collection influences the lessons and challenges we have chosen for our current life to help us develop.

By booking a Soul Realignment®, as with a Soul Profileyou will learn all about who you are on Soul-level and how your Divine nature translates into your everyday experiences. Additionally, you will find out what energetic and karmic blockages are keeping you from living your purpose and achieving what brings you abundance and fulfillment. The insights from your Akashic Record as well as practical recommendations for your everyday life will help you to live in harmony with your Soul's blueprint again and to fully use your potential as a creator!

Glückliche Frau

Your Soul Realignment®

based on your Akashic Record!

(volume: approx. 13 to 15 PDF pages)

This reading contains: 

* your Soul-level qualities

* your specific gifts and talents

* your original Soul group

* your Soul's current vibration rate

* the ratio of your positive and negative

   choices in this lifetime up to now

* all the blockages and restrictions that you 

   are ready to release and clear at this time

* the preliminary clearing of your Record

* your personalized "homework"  

 Price: 222€

If desired, an additional Zoom

or WhatsApp call can be booked.

+ €33

(30 minutes) 

+ €66

(60 minutes) 

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