What is a Soul Profile?

Every Soul is endowed with individual talents and qualities! 

These unchangeable qualities shape the potential with which we are born. Unfortunately, as humans, we are not always aware of what these are. Therefore, there is a high probability that we choose life paths that are not in harmony with our Divine gifts. When we ignore our Soul's "blueprint," we feel it in the form of lack of abundance, lack of fulfillment, lack of motivation, or even depression.

Would you like to learn more about the your Soul's blueprint?

As a certified reader of the Akashic Records, Mario can gain insight into your Soul's Divine design and provide you with your personal Soul Profile. His training allows him to read your Soul's "blueprint" to identify the specific gifts and qualities that you can use in this lifetime.

A Soul Profile can help you ...

... identify the core characteristics of your Soul.
... become aware of your gifts and talents.

... fulfill your Soul's task on your life path. 

... explain unpleasant or challenging circumstances.

... recognize blockages that prevent you from reaching your goals.

... express your Divine nature to live more abundance and fulfillment.

Dr. Kelly ist ein zertifizierter Soul-Realignment Practitioner, was ihr erlaubt, Akashic Record Reading Sitzungen durchzuführen. Ihre fortgeschrittene Ausbildung erlaubt es ihr, den Abdruck deiner Seele zu "lesen", um dir zu helfen, sowohl deine Gaben zu identifizieren, die du in diesem Leben nutzen und verbessern kannst, als auch jegliche Blockaden deiner Seelenwahrheit, die dich daran hindern, dein höchstes Potential zu erreichen. Readings dauern in der Regel ein bis zwei Stunden, abhängig von der Art der Sitzung, die du wählst. Es kann sein, dass du Lesungen zu mehreren Bereichen deines Lebens erhalten möchtest, in diesem Fall kannst du ein "Paket" wählen, das unten aufgeführt ist.


based on your Akashic Record!

(volume: approx. 5 to 7 PDF pages)

This reading includes: 

* your Soul-level qualities

* your specific gifts and talents

* your original Soul Group

* your Soul's current vibration rate

* the ratio of your positive and negative

   choices in this lifetime up to now

 Price: 111€

If desired, an additional Zoom 

or WhatsApp call can be booked.   


+ €33

(30 minutes) 



Soul Profile

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