SOUL JOURNEYS (Book 1): Beyond Time and Space with the Superconscious (Paperback)


Why am I here? What is my purpose? Which lessons did I come to learn? What is my body trying to tell me by being sick, and how do I get well again? If you have ever pondered these questions and not found the answers in the here and now, chances are they might be hidden in other incarnations of yours. Fortunately, there is someone who knows everything about you. Someone who can open the door to your other lifetimes and reveal how your past experiences have shaped who you are today. Would you like to meet that someone? You can: it is your own Superconscious! This omniscient, divine aspect exists in all of us. Quantum hypnosis practitioner Mario Radinger, a student of the late, great Dolores Cannon, works with this extraordinary facet of his clients' psyche and helps them connect with it.

The first volume of the SOUL JOURNEYS series offers you a chance to experience what it's like when the Superconscious takes you on a journey through the history of your soul. Join brave quantum explorers as they learn why they are who they are and what it means to be a human being on Earth ...

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