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"Ocean of Love - Quantum Healing for All" by Patricia Grootjans (2019)                


What do we perceive when our body becomes silent, when we lose consciousness and linger between life and death? Can we invoke the experience of becoming one with Source without having a near-death experience? And what has water got to do with our consciousness? Patricia Grootjans shares the story of her experience with Source. The quantum healing sessions that she facilitates show how everyone can dive into Source and the ocean of souls.

Together we form the ocean of love...

Available in English and Dutch on Amazon as paperback and e-book

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"Time Travels: Explorations of Lives Remembered" by Barbara Becker (2018)                


In this groundbreaking book, US-based channel and healer Barbara Becker shares exciting, inspiring, and surprising QHHT® session stories as they transpired between herself, her clients, and their Higher Selves. These are the stories of other lives, other worlds, and other concepts, explored through past life regression hypnosis. Reading them will provide insights into your own life, your challenges, and your purpose on the planet, on how to remember your true self, and how to determine if a session is right for you...

Available in English on Amazon as paperback and e-book

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