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The Key

This recent client utilized her Soul Journey session in the most powerful way. One of her main issues was the mysterious hair loss she had been experiencing for many decades, followed by hypersensitivity to cold and a fear of speaking up in groups.

The Superconscious explained that as a male navy sailor in World War II, she had been physically abused by her stronger comrades, who then forcibly shaved his scalp and threw him into the cold water. This deeply traumatic experience, survived but never forgiven, was triggered by an incident of sexual abuse in the client's early childhood. They explained how the shock, the crossing of boundaries, and the feeling

of vulnerability connected both experiences through space and time and created the simulation of the sailor's memory. "Forgiveness is the only key", they said. "It will be tough, but she is ready." And so, through the immense power of empathy and grace, she was able to open her heart, forgive the comrades and the abuser, and dissolve the trauma.

What's your story?

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