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Have you been seeing many double/triple/quadruple digits and interesting number sequences lately? Or ever experienced spontaneous #tinnitus? This client of mine certainly had. And so, I asked his #superconsciousness (SC) a.k.a. #higherself about it:


M: What about the specific number combinations [client] has been encountering recently?

SC: (Giggles.) These signs come from us. It's simple.

M: What do you want to tell him with them?

SC: That everything is alright and going the way it's supposed to.

M: Does it matter whether it's a sequence or pairs?

SC: If it happens a lot, that doesn't matter. It's more about the frequency of occurrence and about recognizing a pattern.

M: How about spontaneous tinnitus?

SC: This signal is more difficult for us to activate, and therefore all the more significant for him.

M: What is its meaning?

SC: In his left ear, this signal is a confirmation. In his right ear, it is a negation.

M: So you use the sides deliberately? (Yes) Could he ask for this signal at any time?

SC: No, we choose the situation. It's basically about criticality. The more serious, the sooner we'll send this signal. It is unmistakable.

M: He can then deduce that it's about something important?

SC: Correct.

What's your story?

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