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Food for Thought

This quantum hypnosis client wanted to learn more about dreams and nutrition. It turned out that both topics were related. The Superconscious (SC) explained the connection and gave great recommendations.

SC: The gut is the second brain! A lot of information is subconsciously processed there, and food is a big influence. [Client] sees this in her dreams. Old issues are reinforced by heavy, dense food that has been in the digestive tract for a long time. This can be minimized by eating fewer meals a day - one at noon at best - and otherwise drinking as much water as possible.

M: Is this applicable to many people?

SC: Yes, the human body generally needs less food. Nutrition, however, is an individual aspect. For some people, it is good to eat little and rarely, for some only every second day or even less. And there are more and more people who can live well on only raw vegetable food. Food selection will change in the future. That, too, is part of the change on Earth. The human body will no longer tolerate everything offered by the industry. It will want to go back to where it comes from: to nature. All those allergies are a symptom of that. But many people simply feel pure dislike as well.

M: Is anything about [client]'s current diet counterproductive for her?

SC: Yes, too much grain is disadvantageous. It generates too much heat in the body and strains the intestines. All milk products that have been heat-treated are also a burden. It's dead matter that is supplied to the body. It remains too long in the intestine, and decaying substances are formed. If she follows her gut feeling, then everything is as it serves her development best.

What's your story?

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