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Cleaning Up

In Quantum Healing sessions, clients don't always visit their other lives. When appropriate and needed, the Superconscious (SC) would instead guide them to defining scenes from their childhood or youth that are at the root of present problems, conflicts, or blockages in order to transmute and release residual trauma.

Today's client came with the intention of exactly that: "cleaning up" the past, so he could focus on the next chapter of his life. After he had allowed himself to go into the required hypnotic trance, we spent two hours time-traveling by exploring several scenes, from him being a newborn with breathing difficulties in a pediatric clinic up to prematurely losing a sibling and parent as a young adult. Memories and emotions buried deep in the subconscious mind rose to the surface and enabled emotional processing in the Now, the only ever Point of Power.

We eventually connected to his SC. They explained that they had shown him the scenes, so he could remember his true emotions at the time because as he grew older, he had been romanticizing those memories in order to avoid processing. The SC also outlined how he had to experience early trauma, so he could later in life hold empathy for those going through similar experiences. The time had come now to appreciate his path, express his true self, and be a shining light for those looking for a way out of their dark. What an empowering session it was to witness. <3

What's your story?

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