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"A precious experience.

From beginning to end I felt

in good hands, well guided and accompanied. 

Thank you so much for being there."

(Petra, 04/2023)

"I can recommend Mario and his method 100%!

My journey with him was an experience in which fundamental questions

were answered, blockages were solved, and from which I myself emerged stronger.

Due to Mario's professional and respectful conduct, I felt safe from the very beginning

and was able to let go deeply. I was also very well informed in advance.

Thank you very much for this wonderful experience."

(Sylke, 04/2023)

"Thank you again for your excellent care and loving guidance during my hypnosis journey.

Your patience and empathy are admirable. It is fun to reflect on the experience. I trust the process

and can feel how relieved I feel. In the days following the session, I felt very comfortable

- like I was born again - and walked through the world with an open heart. It was a noticeable difference.

This for me was the closing of a chapter, and that was exactly my intention for this very rewarding session.

I will definitely keep in touch with my Higher Self and have already warmly recommended you to others".

(Ester, 04/2023) 

"As soon as you walk into the studio, you feel comfortable. It's cozy and full of beautiful plants.

Mario has a wonderful personality, he is empathetic and knows what he is doing. It's like talking to a friend of many years :)

The QHHT session went great and led me into some magical scenes. I was encouraged to continue listening to my intuition.

I thank Mario for this beautiful journey and can recommend a session with him to everyone.

I hope many more seekers will find him."

(Julia, 04/2023)

"What a great experience! I am so grateful for it.

I had sensed for so long that something was reaching out to me.

By talking to my Higher Consciousness, so many things became clear to me.

My new chapter can begin. Thank you! PS: This appointment is worth every cent.

There is no reason to have doubts or fears. Everyone should make this journey once."

(Simone, 03/2023)

"With my quantum hypnosis session with Mario, I made a uniquely personal experience.

Through his wonderful and professional guidance, I got to achieve a deeper awareness

of myself and everything that happens around me. The journey was an extraordinary 

event that will shape me for the rest of my life. Thank you, Mario!"

(Darijo 03/2023)

"I am still amazed by the experience of my quantum hypnosis session with Mario in Frankfurt.

I felt supported and informed at all times, before the session as well as during and after. He thought of

everything you could possibly want in this process. With his friendly, calm, and open nature, one feels immediately

welcome and safe. I felt very understood and accepted, any worries were taken out of the way beforehand so I could fully

engage and relax in this process. I was fascinated by the questions he asked me during the Soul Journey, this allowed many

important details to come to light. I was able to find a lot of security and trust in myself during this journey. I am able to

understand myself, my patterns, my complaints, and my task in this life much clearer now. The connection to my

Highest Self and my Inner Self feels much stronger than before, from which I draw a lot of strength and confidence. 

I thank Mario so much for supporting his clients on their journey through dedication to his calling. I fully

recommend working with Mario and I am sure that this was not the last session with him for me."

(Andrea, 02/2023)

"Mario is very gentle and competent.

What is described on his website with regard to Soul Journeys

is only a fraction of what goes on in the actual session. My session

was conducted via Zoom. A constant connection was established, without any

complications! Mario guided everything and I was completely one with myself. 

I can't describe it, I had never experienced hypnosis before! I am now very

positive about this. Mario conducted everything very well - even

the pre- and post-talk! He really cares that the journey 

is a success, and I got to feel that! This experience

was worth every penny. I recommend it."

(Albert, 01/2023) 

"Thank you so much for your professional, warm-hearted guidance during my Soul Journey.

I felt safe from the first minute. The recording quality is superb and the follow-up is excellent.

Since the journey I feel much more connected to myself: I now know who I am and know

my path. This gives me a sense of inner peace and security. It's a completely different

attitude toward life - and I'm glad to have taken this step with you.

On the physical level, there are also improvements taking place.
If I may give a rating: 5 out of 5 stars!"

(Julia, 12/2022)

"My quantum hypnosis session was an important step for me.

It helped me a lot by changing perspectives and bringing clarity into my life.

My outlook has broadened enormously. Mental ballast has fallen away. I finally

understand!!!! The experience was extraordinary and profound! It touched me deeply!

I can feel how everything is still working in me. It was one of my best decisions to

travel to you and go on this journey with you. I felt very safe and secure in your

very comfortable studio. Your voice and presence are mesmerizing.

What a gift to have been able to meet you in person.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

(Eva, 11/2022)

"Again, many, many thanks for your companionship.

I felt very safe in your protected space. From the first

moment one steps through the door, one can sense that you love people.

With your comforting way, one feels safe and understood with you.

Your qualities are wonderful. You are an outstanding soul

with heart and courage, and you have kept your naturalness.

From heart to heart - from soul to soul: thank you!"

(Julia, 11/2022) 

"I had a beautiful online session, which Mario

accompanied professionally and lovingly at the same time.

In the session, I experienced amazing things. I found myself in

the spiritual world, met my spirit guide, and was allowed to enter 

golden sphere where my energy field was cleansed and my vibration raised.

All my questions were answered by a wonderful spirit being who is responsible

for my trust. I often think of this experience and feel happy about it. But the greatest

thing is that my otherworldly contacts and healing sessions have actually become

more intense and I can use my gifts even better. I feel very fortunate to have chosen

to have the session with Mario. He has been a wonderful companion and I have

one more session planned for the next few months to help me reach my goal 

of exploring the spiritual world and life as a soul. Thank you so much,

dear Mario! Working with you - from colleague to colleague - has

filled me with great joy and I look forward and I am

looking forward to the next time!"
(Mareike, 10/2022) 

"Thank you so much for your support during this second session.

 It was a very intense experience that is slowly settling.

I feel like there is more substance in me,

and that feels really good. The work that you are doing

is a very important piece of the puzzle for me on my path, without

which many things would not be visible and therefore integrable." 

(Yasmin, 10/2022)

I am forever grateful for my QHHT session with Mario.

I went on the most profound and clear visual journey which left me transformed and peaceful beyond my

imagination. I didn’t expect anything, and I gained so much more than I would’ve thought from my session.

 The codes and energies transmitted, the work on the physical level, the experienced emotions and listening

to the material afterwards were soul-soothing and healing in so many ways and took some months to be fully integrated

into my system, my physical body, and my overall reality, which came accompanied by quite some pain and challenges as well,

as all integrating of higher aspects and soul growth does. But I surrendered, and now the body feels even better than before.

Although I already had quite a repertoire of shamanic journeying out of the body, this guided exploration held by Mario in an

unconditionally loving, non-judgmental and open-hearted space was beyond valuable. I felt secure, held and accepted.

I would always travel far distance again for a session with Mario. With this session it somehow felt as if “that’s it”,

the closing of one chapter and opening of a new one, as all my questions (and more) were answered. Nevertheless,

I would travel far distance and work with Mario again. Mario, thank you so much,

it was a pleasure working with you. I am forever grateful for the quality and

awareness you bring into this space and the light you anchor on this planet.

(Anja, 10/2022)

"Once again, THANK YOU for this wonderful journey.

I was really flashed by the experience. :) It gave me so many answers and confirmed

how connected I am & that I can trust my perception & impulses. This was really

an incredibly great, deep & insightful experience for me. THANK YOU."

(Ramona, 09/2022)

"It has now been several months since my hypnosis session with Mario.

The experiences of the session have slowly developed, unfolded and expanded in me

and have now become a valuable treasure. In the past months, my life has pushed me again and again,

sometimes gently, sometimes forcefully, into processes in which the experiences played a role. One highlight of my

journey was certainly wanting to know what Source is, if it exists, and if so, what it looks like. And I was able

to perceive it and even see it! What an incredible treasure! By the way, when I was wandering through my

body as an Inner Healer, I had been "snipping" at my varicose veins. Today, it is clearly visible that there

is a part gone! And I can still see my skull straightening. My eyes are absolutely the same size

since then. My enthusiasm is great for this wonderful hypnosis healing work!"

(Lucia, 09/2022)

"Working with Mario is healing and reminding me of who I am and what I carry inside.
During a "dark time" Mario showed up, and the first session felt like it saved my life.
An enormous amount has happened since then. I have aligned my life the way it feels right. Out of my heart.
I have worked with him 3 times now (over the course of a year). Since then,my life is more and more filled with light.
If I am at a point again where I am stuck, I will turn to him again.
I highly recommend him and his work!"

(Anna, 08/2022)

"It was a pleasure and honor

doing this journey together with you.

Thank you so much for holding the energies

and space for this great experience. So special!"

(Christian, 08/2022)

"Thanks a million! I have rarely felt so safe & seen as with you!

That's an incredible gift you have there! And how incredibly

beautiful that you share it with us! Merci."

(Lisa, 08/2022)



"The quantum hypnosis was impressive.

In a very pleasant, calm, and protected atmosphere, I was able to relax very well. 

Although I did not feel subjectively hypnotized, things came to light that convinced me of it. 

The experience helped me a lot. I now understand things much better and more clearly.

Mario has a wonderful way of asking questions and following up.

I couldn't have put it better myself! Thank you so much again!"

(Margit, 07/2022)

"Thank you for your gentle soul and care on the day of my session."

(Hanin, 06/2022)

""From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your work, dear Mario. 

The care and patience that are present when listening to the recording open my heart.

I slept a whopping 12 hours the following night and needed the whole weekend to come back to myself. 

I started listening to the recording in stages after a week. Some of it I could remember, but a lot of the

communication with my team was new to me... My meditations are also sensational now.

With the help of the trance keyword you installed, I go in so deep. It's just great!!!

I am able to perceive my team through the energy in my body. So cool!

Even in terms of health, I notice that I have more energy and that it is

somehow different. Wow, this is just a great process!

I'm so excited to see what happens next..."

(Kathrin, 05/2022)

"WOW! Tears, tears, tears ... It was so beautiful! And I received sooo much info

from the Superconscious! Clarity has really set in - and it is a priceless feeling.

I know exactly what the next steps are and feel safe on the path ahead. I got much,

much more than I expected in the session and afterwards. My sun is shining again

and my morning malaise, headaches, and problems in the respiratory area have

disappeared. When I wake up in the morning, I feel fresh, refreshed, and full of

love, and for that, I am grateful from the bottom of my heart! Thank you, 

Mario, for this 'wonder-full' session and this incredible experience

- and, yes, it's quite a miracle. I am in a joyful, enthusiastic mood

and bursting with ideas. How wonderful that I have found you...

or was led to you... A huge, heartfelt thank you!!!"

(Constantine, 04/2022)

"My QHHT session was one of the most beautiful spiritual experiences

I have had in my life. It has strengthened my connection to myself and to

my Higher Self. But most of all, this hypnosis brought me more clarity.

I am very grateful to Mario for his support and guidance. He managed

to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere so that I could

feel comfortable. Thank you so much for your work!"

(Kathleen, 03/2022)

"Thank you so much for your professional and mindful guidance on my Soul Journey.

I can already tell that there is a great change taking place. An almost crushing weight

has fallen off me, which can be felt physically. My body feels lighter and more flexible.

My sleep is great. In the night afterwards, I received some very enlightening insights

into one of the incarnations that were shown to me in the session, which I was able

to clear up with the person involved. I can still think of many topics every day,

that I would like to work on :)) If I had known about this modality earlier, I

would have been spared many years of illness and perhaps some surgeries.

I can recommend everyone to go on a Soul Journey. 

Thank you, Mario, and all the best for you."

(Jutta, 02/2022)

"Many, many thanks for my Online Soul Journey. It was beautiful!

It's hard, if not impossible, to express with words... I have listened to the first half

of my recording, and I can't believe we received all that. There is very helpful

information in there. There are no words to express my gratitude.

Deep thanks to you for your guidance and patience! I couldn't

imagine a better person to be guided by on this journey

than you. Thank you very much for what you do."

(Marina, 01/2022)

"I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Mario 

for this wonderful, dynamic, and trusting Soul Journey. 

I find it difficult to find the right words because the session

was so overwhelming and touching. Since then, I feel a deep 

connection, clarification and bliss. Thank you for this

wonderful, inspiring and profound experience."

(Angelika, 12/2021)

"QHHT is an experience that, in my opinion,

everyone should make at least once in their life. 

For this, Mario is a great and above all trustworthy travel companion,

whose years of experience are more than evident in his craft."

(Mark, 11/2021)


"Thank you so much for the wonderful hypnosis session!
I feel much lighter today, unblocked and cleansed... grounded.
Thank you for your positive and loving energy that made me feel deeply relaxed
and, through your warm voice, immediately brought me into a state of trust.
That was probably the basis for the success of the energetic session.
I feel like born again... transformed. A thousand thanks,

from the bottom of my heart! Namaste."

(Tammy, 11/2021)

"Thank you for the hypnosis session... it was such a powerful experience and I'm still processing it.

I've experienced incredible sleep since then as well! I would definitely be interested in working with Mario again."

(Stephen, 11/2021)

"I am very grateful for this wonderful experience.

Mario's love- and lightful way made it very easy for me to go into trance,

and I felt well taken care of and protected at all times.

The treatment immediately showed its effects on all levels:

not only on the physical level, such as in the healing of the thyroid gland,

but also on the spiritual level deep injuries were healed.

Feeling the connection to my origin was so incredibly beautiful.

It helped me come back into self-love and back into my power. 

I now know who I am, where I come from, and what my mission is,

I can understand and categorize many things even better than before.

Since the session, there have already been several situations that have activated me,

which was awesome! I can definitely recommend Mario to others, as I find

that his work makes powerful change possible. He is a wonderful person, 

and you can tell that his heart is in it, which gave me a lot of peace in the session."

(Claudine, 11/2021)

"Many, many thanks for your precious, great work!!!

Listening to my session recording is having a powerful effect on my ego right now,

and my mind is working overtime to process everything :-) 

I am beyond flashed by the information and at the same time a lot calmer.

A deep inner peace is returning. For this, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

It will be a great pleasure for me to recommend your work to others."

(Franziska, 11/2021)

"Thank you so much, Mario, for the great Soul Journey you accompanied me on.

It was so enlightening and moving for me to get answers to the questions that I had been

carrying with me for a very long time! I felt very comfortable and safe with you, and I thank you from the

bottom of my heart for helping me to see my path clearly in front of me and to get solutions for the blockages that had

kept me from unfolding with full confidence in the past. In the session with you, I had the privilege of learning what my team

actually "sounds" like, and even though I'd heard the voice many times before but didn't fully trust it, I now know that I'm going

to give it much more attention and time. With the "code word" that you installed in my subconscious, I actually manage

to get back into the state very easily on my own. And I can already feel a very stark change in me.

I am so fascinated by the work you do with such dedication. I can't imagine a more valuable

contribution to humanity than to provide the space and your own energy to the seekers

and your own energy to help them with their life's work

and discover their own truth."

(Selam, 10/2021)

"It took me a long time to find a practicioner who is a match to my energy and needs.

After the online session with Mario I have to say: he was the best choice I could have made.

His energy is warm, shiny and lifting while his voice and authenticity are calming and grounding.

I was really excited about what would happen during the session, yet what I experienced was beyond what I could expect at all.

I learned uncountable things about my life now, how everything is connected in itself and to everything that is, has been

and will be. I understood the roots of the subliminal sadness I've been carrying my whole life so far: It disappeared.

I thought I know what a high energy level means before the session, but this brought me to a totally different level.

I'm laughing all day and just enjoying life, just letting all go with the flow, and I have been able to hold my energy

on this high level for weeks already. This is the energy where manifestation works in seconds and I love it!
I would/will choose Mario again. You can't avoid falling in (quantum) love with him!

In my eyes he doesn't offer just services, but gifts to humanity."

(Alina, 09/2021)

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for accompanying me on this intensive

journey so pleasantly, competently, confidently, and with a lot of heart!

At all times, I've felt safe, understood, and purposefully accompanied with you.

I would recommend you at any time. It is so nice that you exist,

and I look forward to when our paths cross again!"

(Albena, 08/2021)

"It has been a few weeks since my session with Mario,

and I have felt connected and guided on my path ever since.

I was concerned beforehand about not being able to visually journey through the experience,

but Mario guided me into it faster than I thought. All that was revealed to me helped me

find a stronger connection to my primal power. And even weeks later I get

impulses to consciously feel this connection again and again, when it is necessary for me.

Thank you from my heart, Mario, for your incredible patience as well as your warm way.

And especially thank you for your support as a mentor and inspiration,

since I have found this healing method for my own path.

I feel I am more and more arriving where I am meant to be.

Be blessed and protected on your path! Thank you so much for everything!"

(Ida, 08/2021)

"I am completely speechless...

Finally, I feel a deep, deep joy of living again,

I can concentrate again, think clearly,

am full of life and ideas and drive.

Wow. I have come back to life.

I am so grateful and have tears in my eyes.

You helped me find my way out of a deep dark valley."

(Anna, 07/2021)

"I recently experienced a wonderful hypnotherapy regression therapy session with Mario.

When we met on the day of our appointment I was very impressed with his manner, professionalism and expertise.

He beautifully guided me through my regressions and then afterwards further healings. Mario kept me at just the right level

of relaxation throughout and I felt very comfortable with him. I also received an audio copy of the session within 24 hrs.

I would highly recommend Mario to anyone who is looking to experience their past lives and other healing therapies.

I had a really great experience."

(Felicity, 06/2021)


"The BQH online session with Mario was really great! Thank you so much for that!

Through his loving, intuitive, calm and humorous manner, I was able to let myself fall immediately.

Mario's pleasant, warm voice lets you slide into hypnosis immediately and you feel totally relaxed.

As a longtime yoga teacher, we were immediately on the same spiritual vibrational level

and were able to go through the session with humor & ease. I learned so many new things about myself

that I was not aware of before. He practices this profession with great professionalism and enthusiasm.

I strongly recommend these sessions with him!"

(Daniela, 06/2021)

"Dear Mario, you do this very professionally

- both in the interview and during the Soul Journey -,

which gave me a good framework and a feeling of safety.

I appreciate your love for what you do and your sincere interest  

to open the door for other people to their Superconscious. 

I have been very involved with mine since,

and it gives me a new security to know

that there is something available to me,

to help me navigate my life,

even in turbulent times.

(Yasmin, 06/2021)

"Many thanks for your kind, professional and dedicated help with my journey."


"At every moment of my Online Soul Iourney of several

hours I felt absolutely safe and comfortable in Mario's hands!

I am fascinated by the respect, patience, and devotion with

which he engages with the client as well as the Superconscious.

Mario has an incredible sensitivity for what the client needs and the gift of

asking the "right" questions. I now feel that I am much more open, relaxed,

and clear about what I came to Earth to do. I have anticipation to get into action

and less doubt about what and whether I should do something or not.

 I am excited to see what else is in store for me."  


"My Superconscious and I thank you very much for this

fantastic journey of discovery. You are a wonderful travel companion,

and your voice has enchanted me. I feel like Alice in Wonderland,

who has passed through a magical door and is now discovering a whole

"new world"! It was a great experience, which I was initially afraid of,

but my curiosity was stronger, and I am very happy about it.

Thank you so much!"


"Thank you for being my guide on this journey.

And for aiding me to see, feel and shine my light.

I felt lovingly accompanied."


"I'll never forget the moment when my conscious mind stepped aside, my heart opened up, and my Higher Self spoke the very first word. To this day, it moves me deeply to hear the voice on the audio recording. The session helped me learn a lot about me. It opened many doors. I am very grateful and excited about what's to come."


"When entering the apartment I could already sense the loving energy which carried me throughout the whole session and wrapped me into a crystalline layer of comfort. This enabled me to establish connection with my innermost essence. At the perfect time of my life the messages came through, very clearly, very distinctly, back into my conscious mind. Thank you very much! I'll see you next time."


"This was my first encounter with the topic and I was completely sure I would withstand all kinds of hypnosis. So I ended up quite surprised by how easily I submitted myself to the guidance and the process itself. After the session, I remembered the dialogue only vaguely, so I was very happy about the full audio recording as it brought back into memory all that had been said. That way I was able to release a lot of doubt. I live very much in my Here and Now, 

but the fact that I was able to see a part of my greater past fills me with the utmost joy."  


"I still think about my session a lot. The spiritual, healing process it brought about has been a blessing. Almost every day I discover new spiritual and scientific information, not to mention new data that confirms what the Subconscious had said with such wisdom, modesty and love. The 'skeptical' side of me keeps me under check, but the understanding surfaces like an ebbing spring in my consciousness. Thanks for the guidance and for creating this wonderful, easy going atmosphere."  


"I tried hypnosis for the first time this year, even though my interest in it had already been awakened earlier.   I received great preparation  before the session, I felt cared about, understood and accepted. All throughout the session there was complete trust and awareness. In the debriefing afterward I was very surprised by how 'far away' I had actually been because it didn't seem to me like that while being under. The audio recording is very helpful in comprehending the experience and invaluable for processing the information given about the next steps on one's path. From the bottom of my heart, I am deeply grateful for this experience. I am very happy about the changes that have been following and I will definitely book another session if I should ever again have questions that my consciousness alone cannot answer."




"The session helped me a lot! It was a very thrilling and emotional experience that brought me much clarity. 

It was certainly a massive spiritual gain for me. Each day I remember the words of my Higher Self and I benefit from that immensely. Everything they said during the session was true. I am completely convinced that I am on my right path now. I am very much looking forward to my next session.

I have a lot of questions and I am excited to hear the answers!"  



"I must admit I was a bit skeptical, but I had an extraordinary experience that I will forever be thankful for. Three different lives of mine were shown to me and they reflected a lot of what I am today. They offered me the opportunity to see my fears and conflicts from a much bigger perspective and hence get to the bottom of them. Also, they explained my affection and passion towards certain things, as I found out I had surrounded myself with them before. The knowledge I received has enabled me to use my strengths much more effectively and to see my weaknesses not as something bad but as a part of me that just has less importance in this life. I would do it again anytime. 

It was a great experience and it can be immensely helpful when you allow it to be."  


"The session was wonderful. I felt well taken care of and time passed by in a flash. Your sensitive way gave me the feeling that I could ask literally any question. To me, the session has been an experience I would never have missed.

A question had been bothering me for quite some time and through this, I found my answer. It was as simple as that!"                                           (DH)                              

"As I am helping people dealing with psychological and emotional barriers myself, and familiar with a number of different methods, I had been equally skeptical and fascinated. During my session, throughout the whole process, I felt a strong sense of care and appreciation. At any point, I felt safe and sound. The topics I had addressed have since lost their gravity. I look at them with a completely different mindset now.

I am very thankful for this experience."  


"Thank you for the long session today and the recording file! It was so nice to meet. On the way home I stopped at my favorite woods and had a long walk. I realized that my right side had much more strength to walk and support me. I felt another healing process on my body by sunset. Thank you so much for taking care of me during the session.

Also, I would like to thank you for sharing your discoveries and experiences with me. Namaste."  


"Not only was the space you created completely phenomenal, but also the experience we shared together, which I can only describe as the feeling of pure light and love blasting through my vessel in such a way that will leave me knowing it forever. Since then I feel I am connected with everyone in so much of a stronger way than I was before.  I am rarely overwhelmed with my situations these days. I can feel that everything in my experience has been assembled perfectly in order for me to grow. The session has enabled me to feel thankful for the moments I find myself in. More presence, more appreciation for everything, in turn, I receive the same from the world. It seems a seed has been planted, one where I am continuing to grow my awareness that the universe has got this covered for me. All that I must do is TRUST and enjoy it. Sounds easy, but I had been trying quite hard to accomplish this. Now I just know it."  


"It was a great session. Thank you, again! I was so curious that I already listened to my recording in the evening. Even though many answers seem simple, they are precious and applicable on so many levels. Very fascinating! I also feel different physically.

My right side and my had have been worked on. It was a truly unique experience and my very first hypnosis."


"You guided me very well and were able to find exactly the right words. During the session, I sensed how you connected emotionally with my experience. When I arrived home I occasionally slipped back into the three lives that were shown to me and more information was revealed to me. I then realized how deep the trance had actually been! I feel that a lot has risen to the surface and much healing has been taking place. I am very grateful."



"It was beautiful to confide in you and let myself be guided. I felt very comfortable throughout it all. During the interview, you apprehended everything that was important to me and asked exactly the right questions during the sessions. Many of the statements given by my Higher Self have been remarkable! Thank you for being so good at asking the right questions!"


"I wanna thank you very much for my session! You did a fantastic job. I felt super relaxed and very comfortable with you and I am very happy to have been your client. You are a great guy!

Keep doing the amazing work you do!" 


"I was able to engage the session with curiosity but without any expectations.  That's why I was even more    delighted to observe the first healing processes only a few days after the session:   I had to exchange my glasses since their lens strength    did not match    my healed eyesight anymore!   My Higher Self had explained how my fears had weakened my  optic nerve  over the years. I felt  very well taken care of and  looked after and  would do it again  anytime.  Thank you very much for this extraordinary experience."


"In the session, a new space was created inside of me which keeps on growing up to today. From it, many positive impulses and waves of strength are coming to me, like from a stone dropping into water. It was the most truthful experience of self love and it touched me deeply. I am very thankful for it."


"Before we started with the hypnosis part I felt well-prepared, understood and accepted. During the session I sensed a constant feeling of trust and awareness.   Afterwards I was surprised by  how far I had gone into trance even though it didn't feel that way while being under. The audio recording helps me to comprehend what I experienced and where my path is leading me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this experience. I am immensely    happy about the changes that were following and I will definitely book another session once  I see myself faced with questions again that my conscious mind is not able to  find the answers to."



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