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was born in Canberra, Australia, and has been traveling the world as an international model, designer and artist for many years. He facilitated his first Quantum Healing Hypnosis session in 2014 and is currently living on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Mallorca, Spain. 

was born in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1983. After a successful career as a professional dancer, he became a coach, which keeps him busy when not facilitating sessions. Quantum Healing has been his calling for over 6 years now. He lives between Frankfurt and Mallorca. 




"Twelve years ago - with cosmic alignment, timing and synchronicity on our side - our paths crossed and since then we have each discovered our respective purpose by practicing hypnosis.

We consider it a fantastic tool that enables humans to grow, heal, understand and put to use universal knowledge that has always been inside of us but forgotten and lost over time. 

When we learnt about Dolores Cannon's work we knew immediately: this is it. We decided to study the technique ourselves so we could offer its innumerable benefits to anyone looking for answers to life's questions about health, purpose, family, the universe, and anything beyond ..."



"For us, you, the client, always come first. Your comfort, care and well-being is our absolute priority. We respect the energies we work with and try to get the most out of each client"s session. We are highly discrete and treat the precious bond of trust between client and practitioner with utmost professionalism. 

At the same time we are very personable and aware of the fact that Quantum hypnosis might be a new concept for you, and so we will do the best that we can to guide you through what could potentially be one of the most wonderful, profound and enjoyable experiences of your life.

Over the past six years, we have accompanied hundreds of clients from all over the world on their Quantum hypnosis journeys, and we look forward to sharing our experience, expertise, and passion for this work with you." 



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