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A Soul Journey is my progressive, highly flexible, and well-tried version of Quantum Hypnosis which is in resonance with the concept of Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) created by Candace Craw-Goldman, a long-time assistant of Dolores Cannon and my mentor.

All the quantum hypnosis modalities I offer allow my clients to explore other lifetimes and establish contact with their Superconscious/Higher Self. Because it is created in line with the open concept of BQH, a Soul Journey specifically allows the integration of my psychic abilities and tools to adjust the process to the client's individual needs. This allows greater room for maneuver during the session. 

The concept of a Soul Journey is based on the latest research in meta- and quantum physics and integrates essential spiritual concepts such as the alchemistic focusing of intention, the energetic potential of water, and the client's entire "Spiritual Team" (Superconscious/Higher Self, the Star Family, Guides, Ancestors, Ascended Masters, Angels etc.). One could truly call a Soul Journey "Quantum Hypnosis 2.0"!


Another benefit is that while my QHHT® sessions are always held in-person and on-site only, a Soul Journey can also be experienced online over long distances - safely and comfortably from your own home! Clients who are not able to travel due to financial, logistical, or health reasons do not have to pass on their Quantum Hypnosis experience - thanks to the freedom and flexibility of a Soul Journey.

I am proud to be able to provide this personally developed modality to my clients. Let's take a big step into the future of Quantum Hypnosis together!

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Like a QHHT® session, a Soul Journey is a profound and transformative experience that can enable you to

  • understand yourself and your life better.

  • get answers to questions that you have always wondered about.

  • learn the causes of physical, mental, and/or emotional ailments and heal them.

  • receive insight into the background of talents, passions, dislikes, phobias.

  • resolve blockages of a physical, mental, and/or emotional nature as well as latent trauma.

  • to achieve the greatest possible clarity and to increase your energetic frequency.

  • to follow your self-chosen soul path more efficiently and live your destiny.

  • to experience and strengthen the connection to your inner wisdom

      ...and so much more!




Before the hypnosis part of the session begins, we'll take sufficient time to go over your list, talk about the process, and answer any remaining questions you might have. To ensure that what is important to you can get addressed in your session, the list must not contain more than the booked number of issues with one or two questions attached to each, which are to be arranged according to subject areas and priority. The careful compilation, formulation, and organization of the questions is already an essential element of the process, which often sets things in motion and sometimes even resolves some of them in advance of the session itself.


With the help of my unique and highly flexible hypnosis technique, you will be guided safely and gently into the necessary state of hypnotic trance. 

Interaction with the Spiritual Team

A Soul Journey creates a framework of contact and interaction between you and your Spiritual Team which includes not only but also your Superconscious/Higher Self, your Spirit Guides, your Star Family, Ascended Masters, Ancestors, Angels, etc. This is made possible by your decision to tackle your problems and life questions, and to open yourself up to the help and support from other levels of existence. How this interaction is taking place can be different for each client. Common elements are explorations of other lifetimes/existences and the transdimensional dialogue between me and the most appropriate members of your Spiritual Team.

Physical Healing

The Higher Self has the ability to identify any physical issue it detects within the body and explain the causes for its presence, be it from the current life or another. The Superconscious is then asked if it is suitable for healing to occur, which, if it is, can be done instantaneously with no medication, surgery or pain involved. However, it must be understood that healing can only occur if specific requirements are met.


Once you are out of hypnosis, we will have a brief conversation about your unique experience and make sure you are grounded and fully present in your body again. You will be briefed about your session recording, which you will receive by email on the same or next day, and which we highly recommend you listen to at least (!) once in the days after - even if you think you remember everything. You will also receive suggestions on self-care after the session and how to make the best of your experience before we say goodbye. 

Believe. Trust. Allow.

Each soul has its own path and its own timing. What works for one is not appropriate for another, and therefore different experiences are being made. Soul Journeys are as individual as the people who experience them. Even I as practitioner can't predict what your Spiritual Team is going to show and reveal. Over the years, I have learned to trust them. They know what they are doing. When cooperating with the subtle world, nothing can be forced. Whatever happens is what is necessary and possible for each client. In my experience, the more relaxed and unbiased the client is when going into a session, the more wonderful the experience will be. Everything is possible!




Please do not consume any drugs to relax before your session - alcohol, marijuana or chemical relaxants. Hypnotherapy is about connecting with your feelings, and this cannot take place if you are under the influence of drugs. I advise taking the medication prescribed by your doctor, but be aware, for example, in the case of antidepressants, that they can interfere with the ability to connect with one's feelings.

Ability to Relax

It is normal and only human to be a little nervous. The following exercise can help you achieve a comfortable state of relaxation on the day of your session: simply close your eyes and focus your attention first on your breath and then on any part of your body where you notice tension. Breathe into each until you feel the tension ease or dissipate. Stay in this state as long as you can, localizing any tension until your whole body is easily and effortlessly relaxed. (If you fall asleep while practicing, that is okay.)

Being Awake

You must be awake, able to concentrate, and able to follow my instructions. Hypnosis is NOT SLEEP. Therefore, a session cannot be done properly if a person's mind is too tired and exhausted to concentrate. If you meditate regularly, do so on the morning of your appointment to clear your mind. Alternatively, you can simply do something that calms you, such as taking a relaxing walk, listening to soothing music, or petting your pet.



Don't forget to drink plenty of water! Water is a tremendously potent carrier of energy, and that's exactly what we'll be working with during your session: energy. We will channel it, move it, and make it flow. Your session will therefore not be affected if you need to empty your bladder one or more times during your session. (In fact, each time you go out of hypnosis and back into it, you go a little deeper). My tip: Also, pack a light snack for the way home.



Because you'll be lying down for several hours, you should wear clean, comfortable, loose-fitting clothes that won't cut off your circulation or overheat you. If you usually wear socks to sleep, bring some with you. If you wear makeup, you should apply it only lightly on the day of your session, as tears are known to make eyeliner and mascara run... 



Please wear clean clothes, use deodorant, and avoid strong fragrances, scented oils or perfume. If you use oils or dyed your hair before the session, the sweat may stain the pillowcase I provide for you. In this case, let me know before we begin, so I can put a towel on the pillow, or bring your own. 


Freedom from Expectation

Each quantum hypnosis session is unique. You will experience exactly what you need at that time. Release yourself from any expectation of how you "should" feel in hypnotic trance or how your session will go. All hypnosis is, at its core, self-hypnosis. I act only as a facilitator and guide. Hypnosis is NOT SLEEP. So you will not lose consciousness, but may feel wide awake and present throughout the entire journey. Since hypnosis is NOT SLEEP, it feels like a very vivid daydream to most people. Most people also know exactly what they are saying at all times and remember almost everything afterwards. For that reason, many think that they are imagining everything. This is normal, because hypnosis is a very normal altered state of concentrated consciousness for all of us, and therefore usually doesn't feel much different from a daydream. My tip: Just enjoy the experience and let your soul guide you!


inspired by: Alba Weinman



Once you have completed your booking, you will receive an email with detailed information on how to prepare for your session, as well as a checklist to make sure you will have done everything important before your appointment begins. Please note: Experience with hypnosis, meditation, and visualization is not a must for a quantum hypnosis experience (but certainly a plus).

Legal Requirements

At the start of your appointment, you will need to fill out three forms before we can begin with the preliminary talk and subsequently conduct the session. Those forms are necessary for any kind of hypnosis work, and they serve both our information and protection. They include a checklist for contraindications, a liability release, and a client intake form. I will send them to you during preparation.



If you are able to honestly declare all of the following statements, you are a very good candidate a Soul Journey. They present the required mindset and physical conditions. If there are any statements that you still need to fully grasp and integrate, take your time and make your booking once you are ready. Note: Not checking all the boxes does not automatically mean that you can't or shouldn't experience a session! Feel free to chat with us about your specific condition or belief, and we can together determine whether Quantum Healing is beneficial for you. In any case, I always recommend listening to your intuition before booking a session. 

  • I believe that all the answers to my questions can be found inside myself. 


  • I understand that, in essence, each and every kind of healing is self-healing. I might want/need help, but no one except me is responsible for my health and well-being. 

  • I understand that, in its essence, each and every kind of hypnosis is self-hypnosis. How far/deep I go depends most of all on how far/deep allow myself to go. 

  • I understand that under hypnosis, I am neither asleep nor unconscious or submissive. I am aware of what is taking place, and I am always in control of what is happening. 


  • I am willing to let go of any fears and specific expectations I might be holding. I do this in order to not limit the spectrum of possibilities during my experience. I trust my Higher/Inner Self, that they know what I need, and I am aware of the possibility that what I need might differ from what I want.

  • I understand that there can't be any guaranties. Each session is unique and results are individual. The practitioner is my facilitator who is helping me find my answers & healing inside myself. It is my journey.  


  • I am currently not taking prescription medication for mental illness/anxiety/depression/sleep disorder. 

  • I don't use controlled substances, recreational drugs or mind-altering substances regularly, including excessive alcohol consumption, and I am able to refrain from them completely for 1-2 weeks.


  • I don't suffer from seizures or other life-threatening conditions such as heart arrhythmia.



You can find more information, such as length, prices, logistics, and much more, in the FAQ section. 

Please use the contact form to make a booking request for your Online Soul Journey.

I am looking forward to our adventure!

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